Non-Prescription Treatments for Rosacea

Rosacea patients have very specific needs for the care of their skin. Some products below, while often prescribed or used for the treatment of rosacea, may in fact have ingredients which are irritating to rosacea skin. Some ingredients to avoid may include but are not limited to: retinol, vitamin A or vitamin C, alcohol, any type of acids, benzoyl peroxide. Many others however are quite effective and very user friendly.

Rosacea-Ltd IV

Rosacea-Ltd IV was designed specifically for skin that is sensitive or inflamed due to rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and acne. Initial studies of rosacea test subjects indicate that Rosacea-Ltd IV is extremely effective in soothing and conditioning the skin to lessen the appearance of facial redness (erythema) and dilated facial vessels (telangectasia), as well as rosacea-related papules.

The ingredients of Rosacea-Ltd IV disks are: zinc oxide, magnesium stearate, sodium chloride, iron oxide, copper oxide, polyethylene glycol, and sulfur.

The Four Mechanisms of Action by which these primary Rosacea-Ltd IV ingredients work as listed above are as follows:

(1) Rosacea-Ltd IV is a vascular constrictor, so it reduces the size of the capillaries that cause redness and blushing.

(2) Rosacea-Ltd IV has a pH of approximately 7.0 (neutral). Many oral and topical treatments for rosacea are very acidic, which often makes for a continual problem for many rosacea sufferers and especially so in pregnancy and breast feeding.

(3)Rosacea-Ltd IV easily penetrates the skin and changes the pH of the skin. The penetration by the ingredients easily kills bacteria, virus and fungal cells by osmosis.

(4) Rosacea-Ltd IV is anti-inflammatory, thereby reducing redness (much better than antibiotics which bacteria, virus & fungal cells become immune to after 2-5 months).

You do not have to live with inflamed rosacea which is often accompanied by acne pimples and sometimes seborrheic dermatitis. The following findings have been made:

  1. Treatment with Rosacea-Ltd IV resulted in a visible decrease in rosacea-related facial redness. Most rosacea sufferers were able to see significant results usually in less than two weeks after the initial application.
  2. Treatment with Rosacea-Ltd IV resulted in a reduction of the size of the capillaries (spidery vessels or spider veins) that cause redness and blushing within four to six weeks.
  3. Treatment with Rosacea-Ltd IV resulted in a rapid clearing of rosacea papules and pustules within five to ten days, while assisting in the prevention of future acne pimples and rosacea-related papules.

Rosacea-Ltd IV does not allow bacteria growth while it vascular constricts the facial blood vessels to reduce redness. There will not be further need for antibiotics that irritate other body organs and systems. You will be able to save your antibiotics use when you really need the antibiotics due to a serious wound or infection.

Rosacea-Ltd IV normally began to see a slight improvement within 24 hours when the directions are followed. Much more improvement can be noticeably after one week and even more after two to four weeks in most serious cases of rosacea. And most amazing is that the dreaded ocular rosacea that many patients have fought for year with conventional eye steroids and antibiotics can find most visible improvement within 10 days or more and to be rid of ocular rosacea within two weeks. The tan Rosacea-Ltd IV disk can be used effectively to treat the symptoms of ocular rosacea. Likewise the acne and seborrheic dermatitis can be improved most noticeably within a couple of weeks but conditional upon the severity of the case.

And most amazing is that there are no side effects with Rosacea-Ltd IV. Almost all former patients see very quickly the side effects of a happy social and professional life without the social and psychological frustrations of the past.

Rosacea-Ltd IV is safe for pregnancy and nursing mothers. Rosacea-Ltd IV contains 99.9% natural ingredients that are currently in our human body. And all of these natural ingredients, all are natural minerals that are currently in every human's body and will aid the healing process of the skin and eyes as the body has depleted many of these over the years due to stress and the high metabolism rates in living and getting our work completed. There is no conflict with any other medications that the patients have been prescribed for heart conditions, diabetes, arthritis, etc. and those medications for those conditions can be used without any interaction with Rosacea-Ltd IV.

Rosacea-Ltd IV product is very gentle and effective has a low cost at $98.00 ($0.27 per-day) for a 12 month or longer supply also provides a wealth of information about the treatment of rosacea.

Of fascinating clinical interest is that the Rosacea-Ltd IV medical inventors take advantage of the well established Sobye's Massage for rosacea. The mechanism of action is the accelerated lymphatic drainage with reduction of redness after the massage. Their use of the massage for lymphatic drainage with the cleansing of the face which is a two fold purpose. The recommendation is the use of a wash cloth and soap which additionally cleans the skin as a large amount of rosacea sufferers have acne in addition to rosacea. After the brief 'washing massage' the skin returns to a more normal state with a continual reduction in redness as the massage helps in drainage of the lymphatic drainage. The gentle wash cloth with cleaning massage is very mild in comparison to many rosacea acid treatments that exfoliate the skin, or steroids, retinoids, light laser treatments, or even shaving the beard. Additionally, the explanation the web site provides of the 'cause' and 'cure' of rosacea explores an interesting and insightful look at the etiology of rosacea and has being proven and substantiated by all that are serious in learning. The Rosacea-Ltd IV web site explains their "rosacea pH balance diet." The diet is revolutionary in that it addresses the triggers that causes acne and rosacea with the "proper pH balance" of acids for mental and physical energy to get through the day and alkalines for calming and nourishing the body cells. This is the key factor that so many rosacea patients and dermatologists have been baffled with for years. The "rosacea pH balance diet" is included with each order.

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